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How do I get started?

Find an Emotionally Focused Therapist in your area now:

What is the ICEEFT website?

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleagues in Ottawa, Canada, the the International Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy offers educational courses and training to mental health professionals (externships, workshops, core training etc.), provides certification for EFT therapists around the world and undertakes clinical research studies. ICEEFT works closely with its various affiliated EFT Centres and Communities.

What are the different levels of EFT-trained therapists?

A therapist that is certified as an Emotionally Focused Therapist has completed the following requirements:

  • An ICEEFT endorsed EFT Externshipled by a Certified EFT Trainer: 28-30 hours over 4 days.

  • Core Skills Training led by a Certified EFT Trainer, 48 hours over four 2-day workshops, focusing on EFCT and EFIT with examples from EFFT. If five is offered, the fifth is an optional 2-day workshop

  • Individual supervision by a Certified EFT Supervisor, Trainer or approved Supervisor Candidate, 8 hours. (Individual supervision may be with two people.) Also, four of these eight hours may be in a group supervision setting as long as the supervisee is presenting their own work with the undivided attention of the supervisor.  Supervision can be face-to-face or long distance.  ICEEFT requires that every effort be made to protect confidentiality of the client.  Any web-based sharing of information or encryption of sessions must be done in accordance with the standard of the professional college of the supervisor.  ICEEFT is not responsible for supervisor’s actions in this regard.

A Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Supervisor has met the following requirements, after being certified as an Emotionally Focused Therapist:

  • Certification by ICEEFT as an EFT Therapist for one year (exceptions may be made for experienced supervisors or area need).

  • 10 hours of mentorship between two Certified EFT Supervisors / Trainers.

  • Completion of a course on supervision for counselling / psychotherapy.  If not available in your area, options can be discussed with an ICEEFT representative.

  • Four years of clinical experience with individuals, couples / families.

  • Supervision of a minimum of three trainee EFT Therapists.

  • Submission of a written description of your experience in supervision:
    a) how many people you have supervised;
    b) number of cases you have supervised;
    c) a written description (approximately 1000 words) of how you believe your supervision fits with EFT principles of supervision (give specific examples to support this perspective).

  • Submission of two half-hour videos demonstrating supervision of two different therapists on a flash drive or in standard DVD or CD format.  These recordings need to be of individual supervision (which could involve two therapists) and not group supervision or voice over supervision recordings.  One of the tapes submitted needs to include supervisor and therapist review of taped session material.

  • Submission of two reference letters from mentors of supervision.


Are there any fees for using the EFT Find a Therapist tool?

Using the EFT Find a Therapist tool is free of charge.

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