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Jack Haines Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Meet Jack

Jack Haines, LMFT, MA, specializes in working with individuals and couples practicing mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. He uses a collaborative approach, prioritizing the insight and direction stemming from clients.

Jack’s clinical work is guided by gentleness and curiosity. In order to grow, he believes we need a deeper understanding of the behaviors and beliefs we wish to change. It is a process that happens best without self-criticism or harshness. He encourages clients to first bring awareness to the part of themselves they want to change. Once that part is better understand, the work of change can begin.

When working with couples, Jack encourages them to notice the patterns and roles they play in the presence of tension and conflict. He helps couples step out of the “mode” they find themselves trapped in, to better see and understand their deeper needs — as well as their partner’s. This work is done to promote feelings of safety and trust. He believes that creating more safety between partners in a relationship is a necessary ingredient towards satisfaction and healing.

Before working as a therapist, Jack studied philosophy and religion in Indiana. Jack was inspired by his own therapy to pursue a career in psychotherapy. He was drawn to the patience and space for reflection therapy provided, and wanted to offer the same to others. In pursuit of that goal, Jack completed graduate school in Los Angeles.

Outside of sessions, Jack is likely seen on a Citi Bike or on a train headed upstate. While some of his favorite places to explore are outside of the city, he loves calling New York home.

Travis has trained couples therapists nationally and internationally for many years, including recent trainings in Italy, South Korea, the Netherlands, Russia, and the New England Educational Institute in Cape Cod. He is a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor, training in EFT since 2006. Travis is featured in a training video for therapists working with gay and lesbian couples by Sue Johnson, Ph.D., the founder of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. He holds graduate degrees from New York University in Clinical Social Work and Management.



Quite Amazing. Travis is a remarkable therapist. He is highly attuned and skillful in the fine art of purposeful relationship therapy deftly integrating aspects of attachment theory and affect regulation. He sees what few can.

— Independently Verified Client

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